Intelligence Gathering

Monitoring needs and developments which may impact the digital content sector is important to assist its future growth. The Honeycomb programme's Intelligence Gathering activities involve developing a range of studies to inform the future development of the sector. Honeycomb reports provide evidence for both industry and policymakers to shape their future decision-making. Honeycomb's research also facilitates updating of the Honeycomb programme in light of current industry requirements and new growth trends.

To develop understanding of the digital content sector's structure, the skills and broader issues impeding growth, a baseline survey of the digital content sector and its sub-sectors (film and broadcast, interactive media, animation, games development and music technology) has been conducted in the Honeycomb eligible areas. The survey has helped inform the range of studies developed by Honeycomb. Intelligence Gathering has also conducted qualitative research, such as site visits and interviews, with the digital content sector in the eligible areas. Honeycomb has also worked to learn from international best practice to inform the future development of the eligible area's digital content sector through best practice studies. Intelligence Gathering's research also seeks to identify areas of expansion and cross collaboration for the sector through interdisciplinary and future forecast research.