Web Design

This course has been developed as an introduction to Web design technologies. You do not need to have any web development experience to take this course.

Designers learn to Code in HTML5

This module has been developed for designers and creative industry professionals to help you to understand how HTML5 can help you to develop beautiful websites. The attached document has been designed as your personal HTML5 handbook, giving you an overview of the key features of HTML5. It looks at the main differences between HTML 4 and HTML5. It also gives a brief overview of CSS and how it can now be used in conjunction with HTML5 to create visually pleasing websites.


Introduction to Wordpress.org - Part One

WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites. Learn how to create your own with this powerful publishing platform. This module has been split into two documents. Part 1 steps you through the process of setting up your own self-hosted blog or website.


Introduction to Wordpress.org - Part Two

Part 2 helps you to create feature-rich blogs and websites. You will learn how to create and publish posts and pages; customise your site with themes, widgets, and custom menus; and extend WordPress even further with plugins. You will also be shown how to get more readers with social media sharing and comments, and adjust the settings to keep your site safe and secure. Use the two documents together to get your own blog up and running and to attract an audience.