Digital Marketing: Promotion and advertising

This course looks at the most cost-effective ways to create awareness of your products and services, using very little budget.

Getting your business found via SEO

Do you want to improve your Google website rakings? Are you curious about the art of SEO? In this short video, we'll show you the tried and tested approaches that we have seen work, and leave you with lots of ideas to think about to try boost your own SEO.

Learning Goals:

  • Implement some SEO tactics on a website, to help boost position on key terms.
  • Effectively measure SEO performance past position.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Where do businesses across the UK and Ireland spend most of their digital budgets? On paid search! In this video session, find out why, and let us take you through the main points to consider when setting up an AdWords account - what to do, what not to do and what to look out for.

Learning Goals:

  • Learn how to set up an Adwords account.
  • Learn the tips, tricks and tools of running an AdWords account and ensure your Adwords budget drives results.

Adwords Setup Guide

This document accompanies the 'Search engine marketing' video. It steps you through the process of setting up your Adwords account.


Display Advertising

In this video session you will learn how to make your ads visible on some of the most visited websites in Ireland, including RTE and the Irish Times, on a limited budget. You'll also learn how to build display ad material for free - yes, for free!

Learning Goals:

  • Create your own display ads free through Google AdWords.
  • Understand how display advertising can help even a small business meet advertising objectives.
  • Learn how to research cost-effective websites for your display ads.

Video Advertising

So you've built your video, now you just have to wait until it goes viral to get lots of views, right? Unfortunately, it's not as easy as that - but with a great video it's not impossible either. In this session we'll take you through some best practices of building a video, give you some tips on how to get it found on Google and how to start making money from it when it begins to get millions of views!

Learning Goals:

  • Know what makes a good video and how to get your video crawled by the search engines.
  • Be familiar with the options you have to make money from your video.
  • Understand how videos can meet a small business' marketing objectives.

Digital marketing for video

These slides are from a course in 'Digital marketing for video'. This course helps you to use the power of video search to enhance discoverability and to promote your products and services.