Learning from Leaders

How do I motivate staff? What does ethical leadership really mean? How do I manage limited resources to grow my business? Leadership skills are a national priority. Whether you work as a manager or run your own business, it is critical that you take time to nurture the fundamental behaviours of leadership. In this course, listen to five small business leaders talk about their everyday challenges. Take inspiration from these courageous leaders. You will find a story in here to help you lead your way to growth.

Learning from Leaders: The puzzle of motivation

In this video, Dr. Thérèse Charles talks about the power of lateral thinking and how she applies the lessons from Dan Pink's hugely popular TED Talk to Silverfish Studios. Mastery, autonomy and purpose aren't just principles for success at global multinational companies. Listen to Thérèse's story and you might find answers to the puzzle of motivation.

Learning from Leaders: Richard Baker

In this video, Corporate Director of Causeway Coasts and Glens Borough Council talks about what it takes to become a Change Champion. Taking a strategic view of Leadership and Management is key. Use those insights to empower your team to greatness.

Learning from Leaders: Ethical leadership and values

Darren Gardiner of Ground Espresso Bars and LSFX Productions talks about the values underpinning your business, and taking the difficult steps to build those values into everything you do.

Learning from Leaders: Building a personal brand

In this video, Wayne Denner, speaker, author and self-confessed digital ninja talks about what it takes to build a personal brand for business success.

Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in Northern Ireland

In this video, legendary Ulster University lecturer Chris McLean examines the process of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in a Northern Ireland context. Chris examines the role that entrepreneurs and SME businesses have to play as we move from a post-recessional economy to a growth trajectory.

Reading List

This reading list has been curated by Ulster University Business School to accompany the course in 'Learning from Leaders'.