Guest Speaker - Paul Murray on TV Formats

Paul Murray is the Head of Formats at Scotland's largest indie, IWC Media. We were delighted he came to Stornoway to discuss the process of creating entertainment formats for TV through the projects he has worked on during his career. He is credited with creating shows including IWC Media’s own *Location, Location, Location* (Channel 4), as well as *You Can’t Fire Me I’m Famous* (BBC 1) and *Antiques Road Trip* (BBC2). Prior to joining IWC he was Creative Director at both Matchlight Productions and STV Productions and also Head of Objective Scotland, where he worked on *The Real Hustle, Killer Magic* and *Face The Clock*. Earlier in his career, he worked at Endemol, one of the UK's largest production companies, where he worked on *Restoration Village, Help My Dog’s As Fat As Me* and *Move or Improve?*

Guest Speaker - Paul Murray on TV Formats Summary

IWC's Head of Formats, Paul Murray has worked in television development for the past 20 years and is responsible for household name shows such as Location, Location, Location and Antiques Road Trip. Writer/Director Alan De Pellette quizzes him on what commissioners are looking for, what makes a hit and how he took one of his more recent projects, Killer Magic, to the air.

Guest Speaker - Paul Murray on TV Formats - Alan de Pellete Inverview

A writer and director on some of Scotland and the UK's household name comedy shows and a former director of BAFTA in Scotland, Alan discusses his route into industry and where you should start if you want to work in scripted comedy or drama.

Guest Speaker - Paul Murray Interview

Following on from his introduction to television formats Paul discusses his route into industry, the attributes required in new entrants and the changing landscape of broadcast television.