Building your digital strategy

This course will help you to build an effective digital marketing strategy. Using the SOSTAC model as your framework, you will learn how to develop a realistic plan taking budgets and resources into account.

Building Your Digital Strategy

This video will prompt you to think about your approach to digital marketing. It uses the SOSTAC model - developed by PR Smith and used by millions of companies across the globe to help build a digital marketing plan. Alongside understanding the elements that go into the SOSTAC model, you'll be tasked at various stages to jot down ideas for your own company strategy using our handy check-list, so get your pen and paper ready!

Learning Goals:

  • Build a digital marketing strategy, customised to your own business, using the SOSTAC framework.
  • Use a range of online tools to help support the development of your digital strategy.

Budgets and Measurements

Not sure how much money you need to put aside to run a digital campaign, or what you can expect from it? Budgeting and measurement is key to any successful digital campaign; this video will show you how to research and manage budget and KPI's before and during the lifespan of your digital campaign.

Learning Goals:

  • Understand how to use online tools to predict budgets used for digital marketing campaigns.
  • Understand the main payment models used in digital campaigns - CPM, CPC and CPA - and when each should be used in accordance with objectives.
  • Understand how a digital marketing campaign can be measured, and the common tools used to do this.

Useful Online Tools to Help with your Digital Marketing

This document is a useful accompaniment to the 'Building your digital strategy' video. It lists a number of effective tools to help you develop, manage and measure your digital marketing strategy. Many tools are free or are available at a low monthly cost, so are within the reach of all businesses.


Planning a Digital Marketing Strategy for a Media Business

These slides are from a course in 'Planning a digital marketing strategy for a media business'. The course will help you to build an effective and realistic digital marketing plan, beginning with factors such as brand identification and consistency and continuing into search marketing, content optimisation, social media strategy and developing and converting sales leads.


Web analytics in your content marketing strategy

These slides are from a course in 'Web analytics in your content marketing strategy'. The course will help you to build your site around latest best practice in SEO. The course shows how to develop actionable insights from site traffic, and how to develop a content marketing strategy around your site goals.