Study Tour Reports

Study visits to centers of best practice identify opportunities, learn from strengths and explore how challenges faced by the digital content sector in the Honeycomb areas have been overcome in the study areas. The opportunities identified in these studies can aid in the growth, up-skilling and internationalisation of the digital content sector in the eligible areas. Center of best practice studies also examine if international expansion and sub-contracting opportunities exist between the eligible areas and the study areas. Benchmarking study visits to three centers of best practice have been carried out and research reports produced on each.

International Study Tour of Digital Clusters: London's Tech City and Brighton

A high tech industry cluster has developed in inner-east London. Around 2008, East London and particularly the Shoreditch area, provided a place with cheaper rents for business hoping to locate in the city. Tech City, or Silicon Roundabout as it was first known, grew as a cluster of tech companies. This study tour explores what the interactive media sector in the Honeycomb eligible area can learn from the Tech City case. A case study of the tech sector in Brighton is also explored in the report.

Published on: 30 June, 2015

International Study Tour to Gothia Science Park in Sweden

This study tour focuses on the games industry in Sweden. A study visit was carried out to the Gothia Science Park incubator in southern Sweden. Gothia Science Park is a successful European case study, with a game-specific business incubator assisting video game developers to start-up and grow.

Published on: 03 July, 2015

Building it like Patchwork: Study Tour of the Film and Broadcast Sector in Massachusetts

The success of the film and broadcast industry in Massachusetts is attributed to a range of factors, including its history, geography and talent pool. This study tour explores what the film and broadcast sector in the Honeycomb eligible area can learn from the Massachusetts case.

Published on: 30 June, 2015