Introduction to Unity3D and Blender

Saturday 27 September, 2014 10:30 - 15:30 | AmmA Centre

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This short course will step you through the process of 3D game creation within Unity3D and show you how to create 3D assets for use within your game using Blender.


Teacher, trainer, CoderDojo mentor, those interested in getting started with Unity3D. No prior experience of Unity3D required, although experience of other games development or creative software or web development will be assumed.

Course Outline

Introduction to Unity3D

Unity3D is a popular games engine that gives both old and new users to game development the tools to rapidly create high quality games. We will outline some features that make Unity3D stand out as a great development tool.

Basic Overview of Unity and its tools

A high level breakdown of how a general development process will work, tying together the different areas such as Art, Design, Audio, Programming and Publishing. Unity has many facets that some departments may use more than others, but with the basic terminology each individual can be certain what is being created during development.

Building a Simple Scene

We are going to get you started setting up a simple scene that you can test and manipulate. You’ll be shown how to use some Unity3D GameObjects so that you can setup a basic game scene.

Introduction to Blender

Blender is a free open source 3D modelling package with lots of tools available to develop great game content. Blender offers a great content creation tool for anyone starting with game development. We’ll outline some of the benefits to using Blender for your projects.

Blender Interface

Blenders solid and vast amount of options can be overwhelming to new users, we will look at making the environment more friendly to the user by introducing them to some tools to get them started. We’ll look at working and navigating with scene so that you feel comfortable modelling some basic models.

Modelling with Blender

Blender has a multitude of 3D modelling methods that developers can use to create content from hard architecture, to softer human shaped objects. We’ll look at using one modelling method that will allow you to quickly create models.

Adding your Blender Model to Unity3D

Combining the two tools to give the developer the freedom use their own art work is the key. We’ll take the model that we created earlier in the session and walk through how to export and import correctly to Unity3D.

Deploying your Unity3D project

Unity supports multiplatform development, with the idea of building once and deploying to many platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Publishing to as many platforms to help reach as many users as possible.

About your trainers

Gavin McLaughlin

• Gavin is the CTO of Troll inc and head of R&D

• As part of Troll inc he has developed multiple apps and games and released these to market • He has a strong background in programming and skilled in all facets of game development

• He has also taught game development in the University of Ulster for the past 4 years

Darragh Lydon

• Darragh has a background in both game design and programming; and is a game designer and Programmer at Troll Inc.

• As part of Troll Inc he has developed multiple apps and games and released these to market.

• He has previous experience teaching both Mathematics and Game Development