Take Flight workshops for students and graduates - Dundalk

Wednesday 04 June, 2014 10:30 - 17:00 | Dundalk Institute of Technology

This is a free workshop for final year graduates to help you to make the transition from education to the world of full-time work.

Registration 10:30am

Why should you attend?

  • Learn what business is looking for from you
  • Learn what you can offer an employer
  • Understand your personal strengths
  • Learn how to control the interview process

These events are free of charge to attend. Places are limited so please register in advance to secure your place.

Workshop Outline

1. Short introduction

2. What is business looking for?

Qualities sought by business revolve around the following:

  • Aptitude - show that you're a learner so an employer knows they can teach you anything

  • Self-awareness - a knowledge of yourself tells an employer that you are likely to have an awareness of others (team-worker)

  • 'Can do' attitude - what's your approach to situations? What's your everyday energy like?

  • Curiosity - asking great questions shows an active, interested, engaged mind

  • Openness and agility - business is changing rapidly. They want people who can cope with change

  • Preparation and readiness - when the time comes, will you be ready? Will you have done your prep? There's no better time to demonstrate this than at interview.

3. What have I got to offer? What can I give?

This is not about listing what you've done or studied but thinking about a specific job or business and tailoring your skills, personal qualities, interests, passions, experience (both work and life), energy, knowledge, ways of working to them.

4. What do I want to take away? What does success look like for me?

This is about imagining success.

  • How am I going to be that person?

  • What things will I do?

  • What will I have to work hard on (improve)?

  • What are likely to be my shining qualities?

5. Telling stories - being in control for how I come across to others

Interviews are becoming more open and story focused ("Tell me about yourself." "Tell me about a time when.."). This is about the relevant stories you choose to tell to an employer. What are the stories you're comfortable telling? Remember, a story which shows some vulnerability or describes something that started wrongly but then was turned round, can be very powerful if told correctly.

About your trainer

Alastair Creamer is the co-founder of Creamer and Lloyd, a creative consultancy that runs training and encourages the use of creative and entrepreneurial processes across business, education and not-for-profit organisations.

Educated as a musician, Alastair has worked in many areas including directing, photography, writing and painting. He has spent 14 years running arts organisations and 11 in business with a stint in the middle as Dean of Faculty for the London College of Music and Media.

Alastair and his team have developed 'Eyes Wide Opened', a programme to help the current generation of graduates to bridge the gap that between university and the world of work.