Exploring Transmedia Production Module

Monday 08 December, 2014 09:30 - Friday 12 December, 2014 17:00 | University of the West of Scotland

This five-day intensive Honeycomb module provides a hands-on introduction to transmedia production for the web. Participants will collaborate on a non-linear multi-media production, under the guidance of Prof Nick Higgins and Peter Snowdon from the Creative Media Academy of the University of the West of Scotland, and invited filmmaker Alain de Halleux from the Belgian INRACI film school.

Transmedia production uses fragments of different media to tell complex stories that are not easily reduced to a linear narrative. It makes it possible to engage the viewer in a subject from multiple different angles, and using many different artistic forms, without imposing a single vision or conclusion. It is ideally suited to exploring the complex, and often contradictory, narratives that characterise our globalised world, and which the mainstream media tend to ignore or artificially simplify. It is an essential instrument in the toolkit of the 21st-century storyteller, whatever media they work in.

Participants will engage with a theme to discover the possibilities opened up by collaborative story telling, non-linear narrative, and interactive architectures, under the mentorship of the three media practitioners, and with support from guest artists specialising in photography and sound recording. Together, they will work with a web design team from the Glasgow-based ISO agency, and the final transmedia production will be published online.

Whether your primary interest is in filmmaking, still photography, field recording, or non-fiction writing and creative journalism, this module will allow you to expand the horizons of your practice and interact with internationally acclaimed artists.

Invited multi-media practitioner Alain de Halleux trained as a nuclear engineer, before graduating from the Belgian film school INSAS. After working as an agency photographer as far afield as Afghanistan, and winning many prizes for his commercials and industrial films, he has devoted himself recently to a series of documentaries that explore the shadow that the nuclear industry casts over our society: RAS (ARTE 2008) on the experience of contract workers in the industry (selected for the festival Visions du Réel), Chernobyl 4ever (ARTE 2011) and Welcome to Fukushima (RTBF 2013). His webdoc, Tales from Fukushima (2012), was produced by ARTE interactive. He teaches filmmaking at the INRACI film school (Brussels

Who is this workshop for? Individuals and businesses involved in film and broadcast, animation, gaming, interactive media and music technologies across the western seaboard of Scotland, Republic of Ireland and most of Northern Ireland. Award recipients of this free programme must be located within the Western seaboard of Scotland – Lochaber; Skye & Lochalsh; Arran Cumbrae; Argyll & Bute; East Ayrshire & North Ayrshire Mainland; South Ayrshire; Dumfries & Galloway.

How to apply Please email by Monday 1st December, and an application form will be issued for completion. Please title your email Transmedia Module Application Request.